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About us

Redefining global GNSS and IoT Connectivity

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Founded in 2015 and based on the pioneering work of the founders at TU Deft.


World Class Experts & leaders in field of DRF multiple patents & IP


Head office is located in Delft, The Netherlands.


Scalable core Technology in Wireless Radios GNSS & IoT​


Extensive global commercial, manufacturing, and channel networks​

deliver a trusted, universal, tracking and connectivity solution with the lower power, longest life, and least impact on the environment
Being located in South Holland gives us access to a great work-life balance and culture.

A highly experienced team ready
to transform the connected edge

Love to accomplish great things​

Qualinx is embarking on a mission to fundamentally change the nature of IoT connectivity. Our technology is breakthrough, transformative and we are set on course to enable the next generation of IoT connectivity. We offer a great environment for our team to be part of that disruption, where they can build, design, deploy real-world solutions. We are an open, inclusive team and welcome all talent to reach out for more information about our open positions.

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