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Qualinx …filters can be designed so that they can easily be reconfigured in software. This…makes one receiver suitable for many different wireless standards while the same chip can be used. 

Only a few designers deeply understand how to design these filters. There is much-hidden know-how, and therefore it is hard for other companies to step in this direction. It will cost them a lot of time and money to make the required prototypes.

Dr. Bram Nauta
Distinguished Professor & Head of IC Design
University of Twente, The Netherlands

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We are thrilled to partner with Qualinx. With this team and investor-base, we are confident Qualinx can realize the massive potential of their breakthrough GNSS technology.
Peter Rutgers Waterman Ventures
I've had a preview of the Qualinx technology, and the QLX300+ product range looks to be quite exciting for the GNSS market.
Ran de Silva EPS Global
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