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By far, the most power efficient GNSS and IoT sensor for your business.

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The world's lowest power GNSS Solutions, enabled by breakthrough Digital RF (DRF) and Software Defined Radio technology

The world's lowest power GNSS Solutions, enabled by breakthrough Digital RF (DRF) and Software Defined Radio technology

Power Management Unit (PMU)

PMU is included to this SoC to efficiently control the power of the system in the start-up phase and during normal activities.

Dgital RF

Qualinx has digitized the GNSS receiver utilizing its “patented DRF technology". At this moment, all receivers are relying on analog solutions. Qualinx has replaced most of the analog building blocks in the SoC with digital counterparts resulting in the dramatic reduction of power consumption

GNSS Engine

QLX300+′ GNSS engine uses a “novel digital Baseband", enabling parallel digital signal processing instead of current sequential processing. This reduces the power consumption of the Baseband significantly. 

Digital PLL

As part of QLX300+ radio digitization, “Digital PLL” has been used to reduce power consumption while reducing the total area of the system and enhancing the total radio performance.


The SoC will be controlled by “Arm Coretx” which delivers the top performance in deep nano-meter technology with minimum power consumption.


The QLX300+ supports concurrent reception of GPS/QZSS/SBAS, Galileo, GLONASS, and Beidou navigation satellite signals. This high-end product delivers the most power-efficient GNSS solution available with high sensitivity.


Enabling GNSS and IoT Tracking Applications

Modern day IoT applications require ultra-low-power performance to ensure prolonged autonomous connectivity.

Qualinx products are highly optimized for these use cases.


every 8hr
Battery Life: 13 Years
Existing: 2 years


every 1hr
Battery Life: 4 Years
Existing: 1 year


every 5min​
Battery Life: 3 Years
Existing: 1 year

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We are thrilled to partner with Qualinx. With this team and investor-base, we are confident Qualinx can realize the massive potential of their breakthrough GNSS technology.
Peter Rutgers Waterman Ventures
I've had a preview of the Qualinx technology, and the QLX300+ product range looks to be quite exciting for the GNSS market.
Ran de Silva EPS Global
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