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The Qualinx QLX300+ chip is an ultra-low power, fully-integrated
multiconstellation GNSS solution

The QLX300+ supports concurrent reception of GPS/QZSS/SBAS, Galileo, GLONASS,
and Beidou navigation satellite signals. This high-end product delivers the most
power efficient GNSS solution available with a high sensitivity. It enables customers
to lengthen battery life in their products, utilizing either Zinc-air or single-call batteries.

The QLX300+ Baseband Engine has 100+ fully reconfigurable baseband channels in a
GlobalFoundries FDX process to deliver a high sensitivity and fast time-to-first fix

The World’s Lowest Power and Smallest GNSS 

– Full System-on-Chip (SoC)
– Receiving all L1-band GNSS constellations


– 22m CMOS process
– More than 10 Million transistors
– Industry’s smallest die size


Ultra-Low Power Consumption

The QLX300+ RF front-end leverages Qualinx Digital/Discrete-Time RF
(DRF) technology to reduce the power consumption. Its navigation
baseband engine utilises an innovative architecture to present superior
performance while consuming extremely low-power. The QLX300+
offers superior performance with 10X less power consumption than other currently available products. The QLX300+ also features the industry’s lowest off-leakage current.

Lowest BOM Cost

The QLX300+ includes built-in LNA, LDO, PMU, GPIO (SPI/I2C/UART),
and ARM (Cortex) processor. The LNA matching network is also
integrated and it does not need any external component. The QLX300+
supports TCXO as well as a wide variety of crystal oscillators to further
reduce system cost. Being able to operate from a single cell battery,
the QLX300+ provides additional flexibility to further reduce system

Smallest Form Factor

The product will be delivered in industry standard wafer-level chip
scale package (WLCSP24). It is a single chip solution in the smallest form factor.


The QLX300+ is an ideal stand-alone GNSS solution for a wide variety of applications, including wearables and asset/fleet/livestock tracking, where small size, ultra-low power, and low operating cost are mandatory. Combining these features with its high performance makes the QLX300+ a perfect choice for connectivity and tracking for applications such as:

  • Location-based services
  • Smartwatches
  • Healthcare and monitoring
  • Personal Navigation Devices
  • Asset Trackers
  • Logistics
  • Cameras
  • Augmented/virtual reality
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